The Gospel of Judas Reawakens After 2000 Years of Heretical Hibernation

Christ Conspiracy + No Betrayal + Written some 150 years after Judas’s life = No Truth

Hooray, a new gospel. This one is by Judas. The “re-launch” is just in time to coincide with the DaVinci Code movie. And I do have an affinity for conspiracy theories.

You can read all about the gnosticism (eastern philosophy in the first centuries that taught they had an even more secret & special revelation to truth that was condemned as heresy in 180 A.D.). This is product of that.

To others this is their nail in their coffin confirming their disbelief. Someone more clever then me already noted that leave it to National Geographic to believe of all the gospels, this gospel one is inerrant. Neverthless, may God’s grace abound to them.

Listen, if people want to take what they believe from the fiction section at Barnes and Noble and from documents condemned as heresy, go right ahead. It’s the beauty of free will. No pastor or priest will launch protests calling for their beheading. One man’s fiction is another’s truth. One man’s heresy is another man’s certainty. It all comes down to faith in the end. What do you believe? How did you come to believe that? Why do you believe that? Have your answers. But let us remember, somebody’s epistemology is lacking, someone’s philosophy of life is wrong, someone’s faith is not true. It might be mine but then again, it might not be.

If you are interested in reading why check out:
Unmasking an Ancient Heresy

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  1. Bent El Neel says:

    Hi Jack
    A friend forwarded me this link:

    that i found interesting.

    I agree on the point you make about where people choose to affirm their beliefs using fiction or heresy.

    I am having a very interesting discussion regarding the veracity of the Holy Bible with a Muslim guest on my blog. She is now using the recent reports on Judas’ Gospel and the release oft the Da Vinci code movie as proof that the Christian faith as it stands today is false. She is actually directing me to go read the Davinci code so I can see for myself the error of my ways!!!!

    Do people actually know it is a NOVEL!!! and an unoriginal one at that!

  2. Hey Jack!

    Judas was my friend & disciple. Okay, okay, I admit he might not be currently sitting at the right hand of the Father, but that doesn’t change the fact that he did me (and all of us, by implication) a great service. So stop blaming the liberal media and Hollywood for all of today’s problems and deal with the fact that ANY discussion of the Gospels is a positive.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more important things to attend to!

    P.S. I went to a sneak preview of “The DaVinci Code” the other day. I give it *** out of *****

  3. Well, blasphemy is new to the blog.

    Though discussion is very healthy and as the real Jesus said, “Those that seek shall find”, we also need to be wise and discerning. So when an ancient heretical document resurfaces, we should educate on why it was denounced in the first place.

    I don’t really blame Hollywood and the liberal media for the evils of society. A Christian Hollywood or a Christian media is not what I want (but they should be truthful and held accountable). The evils we see are a result of our selfishness and sin.

    Glad you liked the D. Code. Did you see it with Mary M. and your love child?

  4. celticfire says:

    I was wondering when you were going to comment on this. I still don’t see why this gospel is any less credible then any other gospel in the bible, only that according to Pat Robertson it
    was” made up by hollywood liberals.”

    Obviously, I don’t care too much about this. It doesn’t change anything for me or my attitude towards religion and Christianity. But I find it interesting how quickly people attack new things and new twists on old traditions.

    Communists have the same problem. The new is always at odds with the old.

  5. Thanks for the informative site bent el neel.

    I’ll check out your discussion sometime soon.

    Yeah, that Da Vinci Code cracks me up. Every now and then I think I should read it in the interest of cultural relevance but I have so much else to read, I never bother with fiction (But apparently to some it’s not).

    Well I gotta go, I am having coffee with Harry Potter.

  6. Hey Celtic,
    Is our last discussion over? It’s cool if it is – at some point they end up getting repetitious.

    Regarding the Judas thing – it didn’t interest me initially. It wasn’t until various friends brought it up that I thought I would blog about it. It’s crazy to me that people are taking it seriously.

    You asked what was the big deal about it – in simplest terms, it’s contradictory to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and it was written about 100-150 years after Judas died.

    Every New Testament book that was canonized was written in the first century and within 40 years of Christ’s death (give or take).

    Bent El Neel had a good link about it (1st post).

    I am not threatened by new ideas. I believe that truth is not afraid to be confronted. But new doesn’t necessarily mean accurate and old doesn’t mean ignorant. C.S. Lewis had interesting things to say regarding the snobbery of modern minds to older ideas. New is not always better – not always.

  7. Brian LePort says:

    Hey Jack,

    This isn’t concerning the post, but thanks for stopping by my site and commenting. I hope you enjoy the content there, though it can be somewhat narcisistic since it tends to be about my daily events.

  8. I feel that way too at times. To some extent, it comes with the blog territory. It’s your perspective on things.

  9. Also Brian, I am interested in what you will say about McLaren’s new book. “

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