The Killing of Baby Girl Skinner

This is unacceptable. She killed her baby by shooting her stomach and it was considered a self-induced abortion. Unlawful, Uncivil, & Unjust

“Tammy Skinner was charged with inducing an abortion. However, since she actually fired the gun herself, General District Court Judge James A. Moore decided that she could not be charged with inducing a miscarriage or abortion. After all, abortion is legal in America, throughout all nine months, under the holding of Roe v. Wade. Her lawyer, known for his “civil rights” work- and for his representation of the People for the Ethical treatment of Animals (PETA)- argued at a preliminary hearing that the charge of inducing an abortion or miscarriage is intended for use against a third party.

He contended that the Statute did not apply to a mother who shoots herself to commit an abortion. “A strange irony for a civil rights lawyer”, you might ask? Well, in America, Baby Girl Skinner had no civil rights. Mother Tammy has them all. She also has a “right” to kill. Given the state of the law in this nation, the other person involved, the one who died as a direct result of the gunshot, Baby Girl Skinner, had no voice and no legal standing. She, along with all children in the first home of the human race, their mothers’ womb, had been reduced to the status of property.” (title links to full story)


  1. Carolanne says:

    That is so sad!
    And how is the mother going to explain that to her 2 other children?

  2. Bent El Neel says:

    you know, I always maintained that in some cases abortion may be necessary…but I absolutely deplore the notion of “my body, my choice”!!!

    Although nobody knows the mental state of this woman, I think I’ll reserve my tears for her children: the living and the dead. For this poor mother, I hope God helps her understand what she did and if she is indeed ill or desparate, help her out of it for the sake of her children.

  3. LadyCelticFire says:

    Ok I totally agree this is VERY sad and VERY wrong, but abortion is NOT legal through nine months. Only I believe 22 weeks gestation. So Thats an inaccurate statistic.

    Late term abortions are VERY VERY rare and those are only conducted WHEN the mothers life is at serious risk or the deformaties to the baby are so great it will NOT survive outside of the womb. I looked it up cause I had issues with Late Term abortions and wanted to know what the hub bub was about. Seriously Jack, if you are interested in finding out about it, there are some amazing site online.

    But yeah that is NOT cool. I heard about it and was just SHOCKED.

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