American Life League: How Come Planned Parenthood Doesn't Get It? You Can't Have Mother's Day Without … Babies!

It’s like the KKK sending cards out to African Americans on Martin Luther King Day.

WASHINGTON, May 4 /U.S. Newswire/ — “How is it possible for Planned Parenthood, the operator of the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics, to conduct a fundraising campaign with a Mother’s Day theme?” asked American Life League president Judie Brown. “It’s simply horrifying to think that anyone involved in abortion – even Planned Parenthood – could have the audacity to claim any association at all with a day designed to salute a mother’s selfless love for her children.”

Over the years, Planned Parenthood has committed more than three million abortions. “That’s three million instances in which mothers permitted their children to be killed at this organization’s hands,” said Brown. “For many of these women, Mother’s Day is an annual reminder of the unspeakable evil they permitted to be perpetrated on their own flesh and blood.”

A recent e-mail communication from Jatrice Martel Gaiter, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C., urged supporters to “honor your mother in a very special way” with a financial contribution to Planned Parenthood. Gaiter said that at Planned Parenthood’s Washington affiliate, “Mother’s Day also reminds us of our mission – to ensure that every child is wanted, nurtured, and enormously loved.”

“Can Planned Parenthood be serious?” asked Brown. “Ms. Gaiter’s words have a ghastly ring to them. How is it that a beautiful baby, which she describes as ‘nurtured and enormously loved,’ can be violently put to death in the offices that she oversees? And how could it be that such a ‘service’ be funded in honor of the woman who gave life to these potential contributors?”… (full article linked to title)


  1. celticfire says:

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  2. celticfire says:

    Whew, thanks! That gmail is great :)

  3. Although I am not against abortions in some cases (rape induced pregnancies for instance) I find it appaling that PP would have the nerve to initiate a campaign like this.

  4. celticfire says:

    Ah, right-wing nut jobs attacking those who would dare question the immortal authority of patriarchy, what?!

    The issue here is we sane people are losing ground to christian fascists. We lost Kansas and most of the south, and are losing much of the north.

    We need to be fighting back in every spore of society.

    Protest churches that attack/denounce PP!

    Defend Planned Parenthood!

  5. celticfire says:


    Poor dead fetus’….

    No cries for those living in hell though.

  6. What is up with these comments?
    Patriarchy, “Poor dead fetus’ …”

    I know, I know, you are going to say that you don’t consider me a Christian fascist, you are talking about the Pat Robertson types but I despise using abortion as a form of birth control. I’ve posted the statistics from PP before here. The exceptions of woman’s life and rape account for less than 5% of all abortions – that’s unacceptable.

    I can respect your take on some oter issues. This one you call “patriarchy” or “choice” and “fetus” and I use the terms of “killing babies”.
    The morality of this issue is not “complicated” for me (the solution might be though).

  7. celticfire says:

    I meant exactly what I said, and it was meant exactly for you, buddy. A clump of cells (called a ‘fetus’) is just that, a clump of cells.

    But, hey, if you want to call it baby-killing or whatever, I’d be careful especially countering with the bible (Psalm 137 and the book of Isaiah – for example, chapters 9 through 14 in Isaiah).

    Fetuses are not children.

    There are many different reasons why women get abortions. And they are all valid. No woman should feel guilty about terminating an unwanted pregnancy. And no woman should buy the crap that having an abortion is “selfish.”

    The birth of a child can be a source of great joy to a woman. But it can be a nightmare for a woman who for whatever reason does not want to have a child at a particular time or under particular circumstances. In such cases forcing a woman to continue a pregnancy is extremely cruel and sadistic. It will affect her entire life, and no woman’s life should be twisted in such a way. No child should be born unwanted. No woman should be forced to choose between compulsory motherhood and a back-alley butcher.

    Banning abortion is like rape–the violent assertion of male domination and male supremacist society over women, the forceful and violent control of women’s bodies, in the most personal dimensions. Banning abortion means suppression of women by force of law and the state. It is institutionalized violence against women.

  8. LadyCelticFire says:

    Yes Jack, they account for less than 5%… Many women who have abortions are drug addicts, WAY too young to have children and OMG Yes Christian girls who have been taught that they will burn in hell if they have extramarital sex. Look THAT stat up.

    MANY MANY of the abortions preformed today are preformed on “Good” little Christian girls who screwed up and are now terrified that their parents, Priests, Rabbies and the like will cast them out.

    I have a friend whos ex roommate has had five abortions. At first I found this completly appaling. She was using them as birthcontrol. But thennnnnnn I looked at her REALLY flippin seriously. i looked at how she lived her life, I looked at the NASTY men she dated, the drugs she induced and just the downright nasty and unresponsible way she lived and you know what I came up with, THANK GOD, JEHOVAH, STALIN and MAO she did not have those babies. See she is hispanic and she is an older unhealthy woman so had she had them and TRIED to put them up for adoption, not very many people would have been interested and those children would have been left in states custody which my friend is NOT a good place to be, no matter what people like YOU say…. I think I am going to write about my own experiences with adoption and the people I have known who were in states custody. Perhaps it will paint a little bit better picture for you.

    No abortion for the sake of abortion, should not be common place, but until birthcontrol and sex ed are where they should be, crack babies, unwanted babies etc should not be brought into this world.

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