Well if Keanu can do it …

I can’t stop laughing, but I just got asked to be in a movie. He (the writer/director and probably producer/camera-man/gaffer/snack table foreman/etc.) is going to email me the synopsis. That’s good bc I didn’t understand much of what he was trying to tell me. Something about Africa (and maybe Bono?). It was pretty vague. I’ve seen him around and we have had casual conversations in the past but it’s clear now – all this time he was sizing me up for talent. (Well if his talent insticts are any indication of the rest of the production, it’s not looking good for our indie director).

I tried to tell him that this isn’t my thing but you know no one listens to you anyway. As it turns out, I am not really an actor. Don’t get me wrong, I know the “business” of course. My resume includes going to movies, watching movies, buying dvd’s, reading about, even blogging about them. But then again, if Keanu Reeves can do it and I am better looking than Steve Buscemi …


  1. billyhttp://www.billycalderwood.com says:

    Hey, Good luck with your film debut Jack! Speaking of Steve Buscemi, what a great actor. He was so totally overlooked by the acamdemy for his portrayal of Gollum in the TLOR series.

  2. LadyCelticFire says:

    HAHAHA MAN if going to movies, watching movies, owning DVD’s etc is knowing the “business” then a LOT of people KNOW the “business” hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahha

    But seriously as someone who DOES know the “business” send him my way LMAO I would LOVE to boost my REAL resume ha and a leap from Stage to Screen would work for me

  3. LadyCelticFire says:

    Steve Buscemi was NOT Gollum in Lord of the Rings that actor would be Andy Serkis. While he did not get a nod or a mention from the Academy, he did win an MTV Movie award.

    But sorry Billy, it wasn’t Steve :D

  4. Though I don’t know Billy, I think he was being sarcastic implying that Gollum was so ugly … Steve Buscemi is, well, not so good looking either …

    But I do love that Andy Serkis. As you know, I am in the business so I remember suggesting to Peter Jackson that he ought to use him for King Kong too and let him play the chef. Speaking of which, not playing Gollum makes him look only a little better.

  5. LadyCelticFire says:

    Yeah Andy is not a pretty fella, but he is FUNNY which makes up for it HAHA

    Steve Buscemi I actually think is attractive in a REALLY odd sort of way though…

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