An Interview with Philip Yancey

I enjoyed this 4 min. interview with Phillip Yancey. Yancey is an evangelical writer who grew up in a Christian home but was very spetical about his faith. This has influenced a lot of what he has written and why I connected with him. He keeps a good perspective on things, is not afraid of wondering out loud, challenging traditional views, and being prophetic without sounding like a Pat Robertson. I think it’s because he does it with humility (as opposed to lunacy).

Yancey is enormously popular within the evengelical community which has always puzzeled me because he says some things that are unpopular with fairly conservative churches. Maybe the don’t know. For instance in this clip, he says something to the effect of I learned a lot about Jesus because of Gandhi. You don’t hear that a lot from evengelicals.

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  1. Christine says:

    interesting stuff i noticed, that some things that Mr. Yancey was talking about, has a lot of similarities to what the catholic church teaches, ex. the 3 main sins Power(Pride), Materialism (covetousness) and “sexual liscence”(Lust)and I just think about the vows that men and women in the religious life take which are Obedience, Poverty, and Chastity, these are the 3 things that are the opposite of those three things.if those 3 things are what keeps people away from God then does these 3 things draw people closer to God. i mean theres a reason why catholics do the things they do and now hearing some of Mr. Yancey’s observations, some of them are starting to make sense… i find it really refreshing that an evangelical(who is obviously not catholic) are seeing these points. there are a lot of what the catholic church teaches that makes sense even in this world. i just wonder how many protestants, really take a minute (before busting out their bible scriptures) and try to learn what the catholic church is teaching, because they’ll see that IT MAKES SENSE! and then they can even take out their bible and see that it’s also all biblical,(contrary to popular belief.)

  2. Thanks for your comments Christine.
    Curious to know how you found this blog. Your welcome anytime.

  3. Carolanne says:

    I enjoyed listening to the Philip Yancey interview and have read a few of his books.
    There is a lot in there to take in and learn from.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. I’ve postmarked this to listen this weekend. Philip Yancey’s book, Disappointment with God played a huge role in keeping me from falling from the cliffs of faith.

  5. Nice to see you JB.
    I know what you mean.

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