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Iran Shuts Down Newspaper Over Cartoon
Published: May 24, 2006
“TEHRAN, May 23 — The government shut down one of its official newspapers on Tuesday for publishing a cartoon that mocked Iran’s Azeri minority and led to riots in northwestern cities.”
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Freedom of speech issue here that I find completely abusrd.


  1. LadyCelticFire says:

    With freedom of speech, no matter where its at, SOMEONES gonna get offended.

    We have a similar issues here in Oregon. A newspaper at Oregon State got into trouble for trying to make a point about the Muhhamed comics, by printing a comic of Jesus in rather sexually explicit ways. Though no nudity was shown, some people wereDEEPLY offended. I don’t think DILIBERATLY trying to offend someon is the moral HIGH ground way to go, but I fully support them having the freedom to print it.

    But like I said, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, is ALWAYS gonna be offended. I though would rather have freedom of speech than NO speech at all…

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