Broken PC + Best Buy + Bad Customer Service + Exte…

Broken PC + Best Buy + Bad Customer Service + Extended Warranty Program + Ridicoulous Delay + Constant Communication with Sales Manager + Not Yelling at Sales Manager = Almost Free Macbook.

It’s on backorder so I should get it time for Christmas of next year, just before Apple releases the newer model. Actually, it should come by the end of July which is good because there’s a lot going on. Moving, selling our house, packing, all that stuff.

Thanks to my online friends who have been asked about me. Hope all is well and we’ll catch up hopefully sooner then later.

My New Backyard

Well sort of. In July, my wife and I are moving to northern New Jersey. We will be half-hour outside NYC. We are thrilled.

Blogging Interuption Continues. FYI – The Best Bu…

Blogging Interuption Continues.

FYI – The Best Buy Performance Plan (extended warranty) isn’t so good. Yeah, they will fix it, but it will take them forever. Can’t wait to buy my Macbook.

Is anyone else having trouble with blogger?

I keep either getting error pages, or they take a long time load, or once the page comes up, it looks strange.
Anyone know anything?

The Day After Yesterday

What do you know? The world did not end yesterday because of it being the devil’s date. I guess we are on borrowed time or bonus time, or overtime, or something. Well, I guess I should stop considering becoming a televangelist. And I was really lookinng foward to Hell, Fire, and Brimstone 201.


Today is the devil’s day and so I predict the world will end.

No Abortions on South Dakota Indian Reservations

Tribal council outlaws abortion
President suspended for alleged donations
by Nestor Ramos

“The Oglala Sioux tribal council banned all abortions on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and suspended President Cecelia Fire Thunder on Tuesday, charging that she solicited donations on behalf of the tribe for a proposed abortion clinic without the council’s approval.

“It was unauthorized political activity,” said Will Peters, a tribal council representative from the Pine Ridge district. “It’s just a matter of failing to communicate not only with the governing body but with the people that she was elected to serve….”

(full article linked to title)

The Evolution of Dance

Enjoyed X-Men III.

I recommend it if you are fan of comics or of the X-Men.
Remember two things,
1. It’s called, “The Last Stand”.
2. Stay til after the credits.

Why A Sepearate Graduation if Equality is What Is Being Demanded?

Separate Gay Graduations

“A growing number of colleges and universities are holding separate “lavender graduations” to honor their gay, lesbian and transgendered graduates, AgapePress reports. These students are often given awards and typically receive rainbow-colored tassels to put on their mortarboards during their commencement activities. Critics feel that the schools holding lavender graduations — like Duke University, UCLA, the University of Georgia, and the University of Washington — are rooted in anti-Christian hostility.

Jason Mattera, with the Virginia-based Young America’s Foundation, feels that these exercises are in effect promoting segregation and do not show equality. The homosexual agenda keeps saying they want to be treated normally, but this is obviously an example of looking for special treatment, says Mattera. The homosexual students should be offended on these campuses because the “honorees” are not being rewarded for their academic merits, but for their sexual behavior.

Mattera also says that, if a Christian club wanted a separate ceremony and read scriptures, they would probably be charged with hate speech and reported to the human resource department. They would also probably be flogged by the diversity deans and multicultural deans on the college campus.”

More information here:
Leftist Ideas and Segregation Dominate Commencement Exercises