Moving Day Eve

Well, well, the day is finally coming.
We have a couple of last minute things to pack up, say goodbye to a couple of friends, and then unpack a lot of boxes. I don’t hate moving, but I do get frustrated with not knowing where anything is. That’s only temporary though.

Not helping my in motivation in packing is my new Macbook. So far I like it but I haven’t done much aside from check my email, install my palm treo software, kodak pic. software, and change the background. The only frustration I’ve had so far is the habit of double-clicking or clicking on the touchpad. Someone told me they thought that can be changed but that’s the least of my needs. So although it took a while, Best Buy came through. I ended up getting this Macbook for $20 because the value of my previous laptop that they could not fix was credited to me. It’s nice when the customer gets a break once in while.

One day, I’ll be back blogging about stuff. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment – I do appreciate it.


  1. Bent El Neel says:

    hi Jack
    Hope the move went well :)
    Its so exciting to have a new place that you make a home…adding one memory after another!! May all your memories be blessed and happy!

    I’ve been trying to catch up on all the stuff i missed on your blog. Hope u return to blogging soon.
    Take care :)

  2. Thanks Bent.
    It’s great to see you again. I’m afraid there’s not much to catch up on. But I hope to get back into the swing of things soon.

    You take care too.

  3. well, I hope the move went well, nothing lost or broken, etc.

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