We're Here

The move went really well.
A small scratch on a bookshelf was about the extent of the damage. That’s unprecedented for me.

We’re really happy to be here in North Jersey. It’s north Bergen County, we are minutes away from the New York border and about half hour from Manhattan. It’s such a nice part of Jersey, I can’t believe it. Yeah, Jersey has a nice part.

Anyway, thrilled that my Yankees are two trains away. (Going at the end of the month.)

Well enough about the move. I hope to get to other things here.
Thanks for hanging in.


  1. Glad things went well. Now I’m definitely going to have to make a trip up there to see you guys, so we can kick it in the city!!

    No news yet here…hoping this week.

    btw…where’s my gmail invite??? :-)

  2. Hey, hope you are well.
    I was just thinking about you too.

    Sorry I keep forgetting that gmail invite.
    I’ll do it now.

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