Is this Creepshow Catastrophe Biblical? by Elizabeth Palmberg

I haven’t actually read any of the Left Behind books (and God-willing, never will) but this article cracked me up.


  1. LadyCelticFire says:

    The linky no worky LOL Whats it about LOL

  2. Yeah, sorry, not sure about the link.
    It works for me, but it may be because I’ve registered and the cookies are enabled.
    You might like LCF, it’s a more liberal approach to worldview while being informed by Christianity.
    Some interesting ideas here.

    Anyway, the article is criticizing the Left Behind books.

  3. Chad Steenerson says:

    I think the article is absolutely beautiful. I think the Bible more clearly teaches a post-tribulation, pre-wrath of God rapture–Christians won’t get a free ticket out of persecution, but they will have God’s grace no matter what. If anyone would like to read an article I’ve posted on this view of the rapture, it’s at this page on my site,

    In Christ,

  4. Hey Chad,
    it’s been a while since I’ve read post-trib ideas.

    Will try to read your article sometime.

    Can’t agree more that God’s grace will abound no matter what.

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