Baby Born Alive Killed at an Abortion Clinic

So barbaric. Nauseating.
I don’t see many thngs black and white but this seems rather obvious to me.
Though I don’t know why an 18 year old girl expecting to give birth goes to an abortion clinic to begin with, did no one in that building have a concept of life? How about law? Conscience? I wonder if the investigation will reveal if the “doctors” and “nurses” have slaves too.

If you read the article, read the comments too.


  1. celticfire says:

    I question the legitimacy of news from the New Republic and

  2. Marcguyver says:

    Unbelievable!! I’m truly in complete……anger over here!
    What a bunch of SICK PUKES! This just simply brings to the surface in plain site what has been going on for years and shows us who they really are: MURDERERS!!

    Celticfire: ya, just put your head a little deeper in the sand; pretty soon you’ll find ‘Nirvana’.

  3. CF: i think that just because it’s from a site that gives awareness to topics such as these does not make them liars (such as planned parenthood) so why question their legitimacy? I think they deserve as much chance to be heard as other awareness sites out there. obviously to someone that is prejudice, it’s very hard to be open minded to topics such as these. actually thank you for your comment because it just summed up a lot of people reaction when they hear news such as these. ya they can’t believe it either. and it suprises me that they react this way when this horrible act is legalized. why is it that you get all riled up about the unjust murders in the middle east but question stories such as this? they’re both the same, they’re both MURDERS.what makes one acceptable and the other one not?

  4. I know, I know, it’s so shocking that an abortion clinic would be guilty of murder.

    Though their licence was probably revoked by a pro-life mayor who found them guilty of not having enough smoke alarms, it could also have something to do with killing the baby that was born alive in the waiting room.

    Here’s more info:


    Hialeah officials revoked the occupational license of an abortion clinic at
    a City Council meeting Tuesday, effectively shutting down the business where
    a fetus was recently discovered in a biohazard container.

  5. celticfire says:

    uh, yeah…kill all the children.

    *EYE ROLL*

  6. Celtic, you and I could go all day trading sarcastic remarks but I hope our lack of discussion lately has not dissolved our friendship.

    No one on the pro-life side believes that PP or all the abortion clinics are trying to kill all the children. I (and others) are horrified that people feel that some children can be killed. But that’s another story.

    From my vantage point, regardless of whether one identfies themselves as pro-life or pro-choice, this should be obvious to us simply because we are people.

    It’s very similar to however we feel towards gay-marriage, it’s clear that gay-bashing is evil.


  7. Marcguyver says:

    If I admit there’s a problem than I have to deal with it. Or at a minimum, at least have an opinion about it one way or the other.

    However, if I keep my eyes shut than I can’t see them and uh…, they can’t see me either.

    Much easier to just stay in the ‘ignorant’ dark and keep eating Dominoes and watching football.

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