University Blocks Christian Groups University of …

University Blocks Christian Groups

University of Wisconsin officials are being warned that their refusal to recognize Christian student groups is illegal, according to WorldNetDaily. In recent weeks, the University of Wisconsin-Superior has denied recognition of the school’s InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison has derecognized the Knights of Columbus. The university claims the groups violate the school’s “anti-discrimination policy” by not allowing non-Christians to serve in leadership positions, according to the Alliance Defense Fund. The school’s ruling denies these groups access to campus facilities and student funding.

David French, director of ADF’s Center for Academic Freedom, sent a letter to school officials with the warning.

“Christian student groups shouldn’t be treated differently from other student organizations,” he said. “The University of Wisconsin has decided to force campus student organizations to violate their core beliefs, even in the face of controlling federal case law that bars them from doing so. … This is just another example of the university’s position of ‘free speech for me, but not for thee.’ To the University of Wisconsin, Christian speech must be marginalized or censored.”

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