World Trade Center

Watched “World Trade Center” tonight. Found it to be touching. As odd as it sounds, the movie isn’t really about Sept. 11th, meaning you don’t really “learn” anything new aside from seeing it from teh rescuers’ perspectives. The story focuses on the lives of two men and their families.

Seeing this in New York was part of the experience (and about 20 miles from where the Towers were). There were a lot of tears and there was no talking. Eveyone knows someone who was affected. Even us. We have an aunt and a cousin that were in World Trade 1 and are grateful to the Lord that made it out but even so, it was difficult to watch.

I only recommend this movie to those who know they feel they want to see it.
If this movie bombs at the box office, fine. But I am glad Oliver Stone made this movie. I love going to the movies to laugh and to be moved so as long as we are making Scary Movies and Pirates … we ought to make movies that are about us too.

Christianity Today’s review of WTC


  1. Marcguyver says:

    Haven’t seen it yet; but can’t wait.
    Have you seen “United 93″?

  2. Yes, I saw that one. (reviewed it somewhere here). That one was even harder to watch. I remember leaving the theater feeling very empty but thought it was done well.

    World Trade is more of a product of Hollywood, I mean that in the good way. Further, I didn’t think it went overboard and loved that it’s about the actual account of these two men. (It’s not like Titanic).

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