Whitney Houston Files For Divorce From Bobby Brown

Well, it’s her perogative. It lasted 14 years longer then I thought it would. Then after the 34th time they were arrested for drug possession, I thought they’d be doing the “Moonwalker” on their 50th anniversary. Maybe they were made for each other. I post on this because for the life of me, I couldn’t understand how this relationship lasted so long. I even thought maybe they were in love. Or he wouldn’t let her share his drug supplier if she left him.

Well, I am going out on the limb and saying that Brittany and Kevin won’t make it for 14 years but Tom and Katie, that’s forever. Pretty much because all those papers he made her sign, and the “eternal covenant” thing, aka known as the “death threat”.
I also remember reading somewhere that he used that line out of Jerry McGuire, “I’m not letting you leave, what about that?”. Wow, I think I saw a movie about this, I think it was called The Firm.


  1. man, the preachers wife is leaving her man.

    and it’s fun you saying katie and tom won’t ever split, since they’ve haven’t even married eachother yet…but maybe you’re right??

    –RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

  2. Oh, that’s right. He only proposed to her.

    Man, we need some kind of new post-cult, spefically designed underground railroad to save her.

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