In Praise of this Mega Church

Awesome! I am not against the mega-church model though I have my criticisms and concerns (as I do of every model and style of church including ours).

This church sent out letters explaining the purpose of the local body of believers assembled in what we call “church”. Be a part of it or find some place else to “worship” (or in this case, “sit”). Contrary to popular opinion, “church” is not entertainment for the religious.

But this is great. This is Biblical. This is a church that understands its calling and removing all that is detracting from its purpose. Can’t say enough.


  1. so do all protestant think a church is just a building rather than a mystical body?

  2. I suppose the ones who do not undersand the purpose of the church think that.

    Are you implying that non-Protestants have a greater understanding of the Church?

    From my vantage point, each local body, denomination, etc. has its bad examples and “sitters”.

  3. I’m sorry if I sounded that I was implying taht ‘non-protestant have a greater understanding of the Church’. what you say is true but i’m also a bit curious what you think of this.

  4. Thank you for posting catherine. and my apologies if I sounded defensive. Since you can’t tell tone on postings and I am blogging on a religious issue, I am sure you know how it goes.

    I briefly checked out this site. I did not go through with my Protestant comb and search for disagreements (I forgot the comb at church.) My first impressions of the site were pretty positive. I like to see people celebrate their love for God – it’s another aspect of our worship.

    Assuming that you are one of the contributors to that site, keep up the great work.

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