A Seminar on "Issues Facing Adolscent Girls"

Last night, my wife and I attended an evening seminar regarding issues facing adolscent girls. Among the topics that were discussed (and will be discussed next week) are: Depression, Eating Disorders, Sexuallity, Addiction, and Cutting.

It was put on by a local church in their sanctuary and the speaker panel were professional counselors and social workers. I was glad to see the church host this very important topic.

I mention this not because I desire a pat on the back, (ok, I’d like for you to put up a life-size poster of me on above the mantle but aside from that), it’s a great thing for other churches to do. Maybe a panel discussion regarding boys will follow too. Also, please note that aside from an opening prayer, it was not blatantly “Christian”.

In any event, on a 101 level, I thought this was very beneficial and will most use my notes as a starting point for some issues.


  1. Carolanne says:

    These are very important issues. I teach year 6 girls and for some of them, these have been an issue for the last 2 years and they’re not even 13 yet! People need to be well-informed and it’s good that the church was able to provide this service. Very good!
    p.s. I’ll put your photo on my new pinboard if it makes you feel good.

  2. Always great to see you. Hope you and the family are well.

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