Flag of Our Fathers

I am still (unsure of word here) after seeing Flag of Our Fathers. But that’s how you should feel after watching a movie about war. It brings a sense of perspective.

Similar to the violence in Saving Private Ryan, (which is not gratitious but in both movies a great attempt at accuarcy), FOUF, left me almost overwhelmed.

The movie is about the famous picture of the soldiers who lifted the American Flag on Iwa Jima, that has the story goes, was a moment of inspiration for our nation. In the previews I saw, there was debate on the validity of the picture. You even hear a reporter ask, “Was it staged?” Having never conisderd the accuaracy of this picture prior to seeing this movie, this is where the beauty and the struggle of the movie takes place.

The soliders in the picture are regarded as heroes. They are brought back to the States and are begin touring and fundraising for the war effort. The main protagonist, Doc, (played by the actor known as Reese Witherspoon’s husband may get his name back, Ryan Phillippe) is the one that audience cheers on for his bravery and heart which depicts his conflict and his goodness.

This is another one of those movies that is difficult to call it “Good” because of its violence and pain. But it is.

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