Why Great Men Fall: An Interview with Dr. Wayde Goodall

From the Monday Morning Insight blog

We’re going on two weeks now since the Ted Haggard scandal broke out, and the evangelical world is still buzzing about it. How could something like this happen? How can someone so dedicated to the cause of Christ be living a secret life? And many pastors are asking, “Even though I don’t think it could happen to me, how do I safeguard myself from ever ending up in the same situation?” This week, I had the chance to interview Dr. Wayde Goodall. Dr. Goodall is himself a pastor, and has much experience in dealing with fallen pastors and leaders. He has recently written the book: “Why Great Men Fall”. I think his word will help us all to deal with our feelings on this subject right now…

Todd: There are many pastors who are really devastated over the recent events regarding Ted Haggard. You’ve actually looked at a lot of similar cases, and wrote a book on the subject. What common things have you found to be a part of a leader’s life that could be warning signs to avoid a fall like Ted’s?

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