Bono on videocast

Went to a videocast at a church near by to hear Bono speak on Aids.
Granted, I like the music of U2 a lot, I do believe that I still would have gone had it been someone else, (afterall, I listened to the Compassion International guys and there not near as cool). It is interesting that a artist/celebrity of this type isso interested in this issue. It could be he is as person too. Could celebrities be actual people too? Well, maybe some.

The videocast was an interview between Bono and Bill Hybels (the pastor at Willow Creek) that was shown during the Leadership Summit earlier this year.

There has been a great deal of difficulty showing this interview due to legalities and such and I believe that things should be done justly and rightly and well and all that. At the same time, I hope more people get to see this interview. It would be contradictive to the spirit of the interview.

Here is some of the quotes/paraphrases that was said:

– Christians can be judgmental, consumed by the superficial, outward appearances and sexual issues have preoccupied the history of the church but what about greed corporate and selfish
Grace is counter-intuitive
It easier for us to grasp revenge, or atonement then grace.

– We are confounded by some of our prayers remain unanswered, but no prayer is unanswered. Sometimes the answers are no. We can endure and comfort ourselves through the Scriptures.

– Jesus was either an absolutely nutcase or who He said He was.

– Love your neighbor is not advice, it’s a command.

– Stop asking God to bless what you are doing
Find out what God is doing because it is already blessed.
It’s not charity but justice that is difficult (is. 58)

– Data did not begin out of charity but out of justice. Africa was paying the US back more then they were receiving us.
Forgiveness/debt relief is a Scriptural idea – We forget this
What else are you going to do with this thing called celebrity?
It’s ridiculous but its currency.

– Thy kingdom come on earth,
Some are content with pie in the sky but that’s not our purpose
Bring heaven to earth in the micro as well as the macro
Peace that passes understanding at the center of yourself, but do not be at peace with the world.

– The End of Poverty – we are the first generation can change this
Accident of latitude determines whether we live or die.


  1. Carolanne says:

    “It is easier for us to grasp revenge, or atonement than grace.”
    Unfortunately, that is so true.
    Unfortunately, I have a 12 year old student dealing with this issue and it’s so hard to teach him to let go, forgive, give grace and don’t seek revenge.

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