Another Studio on the Bandwagon

“A couple months ago, the 20th Century Fox empire announced that it would target the Christian market with the new FoxFaith brand, bringing movies to theaters and home video just for that audience.

Now the The Weinstein Co. is following suit, launching its own faith-based distribution label, according to Variety. The development includes a first-look deal—which means Weinsten gets first dibs—with Impact Productions, a Christian production company … (article linked to title)”

Me: Christian movies. Can’t say I’m crazy about the sound of this. In short I am more interested in seeing movies being made by Christians as opposed to making movies for Christians. There is a difference.

I would hate to the same mistakes we saw with the Contemporary Christian Music Movement in the movies. At the same time, I know many who have been blessed and inspired by the fruits of the CCM industry and I can’t accuse it of being a failure. It just doesn’t work for me.

So, launch your Christian music studios, film the movies, start up CET (Christian Entertainment Tonight) on whatever station you want, but it’s a poor way to respond to the culture war.

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