Rocky – the Modern Day Saint of Perseverance

Another interview with Sly. (linked to title)

“You created the Rocky character more than 30 years ago. Where’d he come from? Was he just a product of your imagination?

Sylvester Stallone: He was a product of my frustration. Since I had had so many doors shut in my face early in my career, I started to wonder, Am I alone? Or is it just really tough to pursue one’s dreams? So I thought, Let me write a story about a man who’s going nowhere, a man who has made some very bad decisions in his life, a man that no one has any faith in.

Where were you spiritually when the original Rocky was made?

Stallone: I’ve always been a Christian. I’ve always been fascinated with the ongoing battle in one’s soul—the constant forces of temptation, and the crusade inside to override it. And the mistakes people make and then trying to elevate yourself to redeem yourself. It’s back and forth, back and forth redemption. So when I write a character, that’s a story point. You know the man wants to be a boxer; that’s the simple part. But inside, the internal storm, that has always fascinated me. But what do we call upon to help us get through these trials and tribulations of everyday life? That’s what I try to do with Rocky.”

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