Say Goodbye to Tower Records

I have mixed feelings towards the closing of Tower Records. It was a store that I would usually go in, found good music but couldn’t afford and so it’s hard for me to feel a lot of sympathy for them.

I did spend a lot of money though during their clearance sales – because they were actually good prices! Those of you who know, another company bought Tower, raised most of the prices, then started with 20%, 30% off sales eventually down to 80% off. As the discounts continued and the music became more obscure, I ended up buying many cd’s for about $5 just out of curiousity or after remembering a friend’s suggestion. I wouldn’t ever do that if it were still at its $18 regular price. (or even $15).

Since moving to where we are now in Northern Jersey, there is only one indy music store within 15-20 min. from me. I either buy online, or the opening week at Best Buy (bc. they usually sell them for $10). Maybe soon Best Buy won’t do that, and I won’t buy from them either.

You want to save the album and part of the music industry, lower the prices.

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