NFL rules keep church football gathering from being ‘super’ parties

By A.J. Nelson
Friday February 2, 2007

“Churches all across the county and state may inadvertently be in violation of copywright laws when they gather together at church to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday.

A handful of churches have planned Super Bowl viewing parties for Sunday, but those may be in trouble. According to the Indianapolis Star, one Indianapolis church was banned by the National Football League from hosting a Super Bowl party and service, because doing so would violate league rules.

Fall Creek Baptist Church senior Pastor John Newland on the church’s Web site, said the decision to cancel the event was not an easy choice.

“While we have argued that we only intend to provide a family-oriented environment that will make no profit from the showing, the NFL claims that our event cannont proceed by law,” Newland wrote.”
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I wish this copyright law would be challenged for events like these. It’s just lame. They are not charging admission, and if anything the NFL would be making more money and so will it’s advertisers. It would become a tradition and people would not normally watch or appreciate football might enjoy the event.

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