A great weekend … thanks youth leaders.

I truly enjoyed my time during my seminary retreat with my wife and fellow cohorters.  Felt that I was able to get to know them a little better and was glad that Susan could gain an appreciation of what our group is like.  Glad you came along, Honey. 

While I was away, our Jr. High group went to Metro Maryland’s “Alive” Retreat.  The group was led by some fantastic youth leaders who I am very grateful to have them.  Not grateful because it’s Thanksgiving; I’m sure that I’d feel the same even if it was in May.  

Like everyone, I teach that our ministry isn’t just about what the youth pastor can do (regardless of how wonderful and charming he is), and so I am glad that we have able and enough leaders to make these kinds of contributions.  

 I could say more but since I am not in the habit of sharing these blog posts …   




Name your own subscription price for Paste Magazine

Elated when I heard the news that Paste was stealing a page out of Radiohead’s playbook by naming your own price for a subscription. This is one of my favorite magazines to read at Border’s.  At $6 an issue it’s pricey.  Don’t know what the subscription price but I signed up for $11.  A dollar an issue – let’s see if i get hooked (I think the regular price is $20 anyway).  FYI – Ryan Adams is on the cover this month.    Subscribe here.