Reflecting on Rufus and V-day

So for Valentines’, my wife and I headed into NYC and saw Rufus Wainwright.  Here’s the story, a couple years ago, I listened to a couple mp3s of Rufus at his piano.  He was great and I loved the soul in his voice.  Now, my wonderful wife does not keep up with my taste in music. So there are only a few bands./musicians that I tell her, “You have to hear this!”  She gets bored with that. So I never mentioned Rufus to her.

Then one day, she came home having seen Rufus perform at some kind of ballet recital in Philadelphia.  Rufus became part of our musical canon, along with Sufjan, Iron and Whine, KT Tunstall, etc. 

Some are surprised that we like him so much since he is gay and we are allegedly good Christian people.   And not only did we not protest the concert, but were delighted to give him money to sing to us on Valentine’s Day.   God bless Rufus, why not, He blesses you and me.

Should Christians listen to music performed by gay people?  Why not, they listen to ______.   Sorry, it’s not that kind of blog.  But I think you get the point.  Unless Dan Brown has some long-lost vinyl recordings of Jesus singing to himself, then there’s not whole lot of options.  Are we not a bunch of sinners listening to a bunch of other sinners?

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