"What Makes a Church Missional" by J. Todd Billings

Our seminary cohort as this running joke regarding the word, “missional”.  

Of course we love the idea of being missional, but know that it’s entirely overused and afraid this buzz word becoming another cliche like seeker-sensitive, purpose-driven, etc.  All  good ideas that had their value (and eventual shortcomings) by the way.


For those interested in the idea of missional church, here’s a decent article that was posted on the Christianity Today website.


“Some use missional to describe a church that rejects treating the gospel like a commodity for spiritual consumers; others frame it as a strategy for marketing the church and stimulating church growth. Some see the missional church as a refocusing on God’s action in the world rather than obsessing over individuals’ needs; others see it as an opportunity to “meet people where they are” and reinvent the church for postmodern culture.”


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