On the road with Tony Jones and Trucker Frank.

For all you people reading Tony Jones’ New Christians, he just put the first of six youtube episode/interviews with the beloved Trucker Frank. 

An enjoyable 9.30 minutes.



  1. Trucker Frank says:

    Tim, thanks for the kind words. Email sometime and let me know if youre lacking any books for seminary. I’ve got lots of duplicates you might find useful. The price will be right too(free). Regarding coffee I’ve really come to enjoy Papua New Guinea. Hope to stay in touch.

  2. very cool. Thanks Frank.
    I was just saying that I need to put on the other webcasts. I love them.
    Also, I’ve been intending on blogging about the New Christians but want to do it some justice. One of my favorite books in a while bc it captures so much of course.
    Thanks for the offer on the books, will take you up on that when I get a syllabus again.
    I was just given something and it may be from New Guinea but lately I’ve been drinking Just Coffee’s Guatemala blend. See you around.

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