Elderly lady risks being ex-communicated for not tithing.

Well, this church is not messing around.  I am not a violent person but if this pastor sent me this letter to me and my church, he’d end up beaten up behind the pulpit by the offering plates themselves (we got the nice brass ones too, they would do some damage). 

Found this on the relevant magazine site and thought this was funny … and sad … but pretty funny in the “this is why some churches and pastors are dumb” sense.  I hope this church gets a new pastor and a better leadership but until then, may God give her grace and may the news of this bring conviction to those who need it.

“A church member of Victory Time Full Gospel Church on Anniston Drive, received a letter from her pastor stating she would lose her church membership if she did not pay her tithes within the next thirty days … more”.

It’s a short article but the comments are pretty long.  Couldn’t read all of them but this was a welcomed diversion from all my church history reading.  But on a side note, it was interesting to observe all the people who wanted to set everybody straight, gets pretty intense (but we’ve seen much worse).  My take is that even this is part of the church.



  1. Hopefully she will never pay a tithe again.

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