Charlten Heston passed away


“Moses is Dead. Ben Hur Too.” – this was the lame title that  Christianity  Todaygave it.

 Generally I appreciate CT’s stuff  but this seemed a little insensitive.  Come on CT, you’re classier then that.

 Speaking of classy though, Mr. Heston had some.  May his family  experience God’s comfort and peace.

 For whatever reason, I have fond childhood memories of Heston           yelling at Pharaoh to “Let my people go!”.   


Reflecting on Pete Enns & the Westminster Theological Cemetery, I mean Seminary

I mean, apparently they prefer a dead theology as opposed to a living one.  They prefer dead Scriptures as opposed to  the living breathing one.


Hey, after reading this book, I may disagree with Dr. Enns.  I may even be uncomfortable with his ideas but to suspend and debate to fire him?   Please, don’t call yourself a Christian school.  Certainly if this was an obvious moral scandal, I’d agree but come on, because his idea falls outside the Westminster Confession.   


I was glad to read that majority of his collegues support him and voted not to suspend him.  Thankfully there is grace there.  But little is demonstrated from the trustees.  


A part of me hopes he leaves Westminster and heads over to Biblical, like Steve Taylor. 


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