Reflecting on McLaren at Princeton Theo. Seminary

A couple Tuesdays ago (April 15th), I went to see Brian McLaren at PTS with super blogger, Thomas Turner from Everyday Liturgy and super mission-centered barista , Jesse (he runs the Holy Grounds Coffeehouse in Allendale NJ).  Good times.  

I’ve heard this lecture a couple of times, have read through it in Everything Must Change and have a high appreciation for Brian and his presentation, specifically of the Three Crises, (Prosperity, Equity, Security)

“It’s not about equality, it’s about justice” is often the anthem mentioned by everyone from Bono to joe blogger.  A lot of time and thought have been spent on that line and I’ve come to appreciate it.

The thought that has really occupied me lately was mentioned by Brian that night, “What you focus on determines what you will miss”.   I may have heard that before but it struck me.  I find myself juggling this thought with the other appreciated maxims, “You can only do a few things well”, “Focus on your strengths, forget your weaknesses” and others.  Praying for wisdom on this because there seems to be some kind of goodness to the tension-balance-paradox that’s called for.  The mediation on it has been good for the soul.

If you are stimulated by such discussion, consider going to see Brian at the Everything Must Change Tour and/or read the book.

For more perspectives, check out Todd Heistand’s post or Everyday Liturgy Thomas Turner’s Hitchhiking to Princeton.

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  1. evancurry says:

    I own that book, but I have yet to read it. I really want to read it.

    Brian’s 3 Crises is definitely on! It is like, I really wish we never let it get to the point of ‘crisis,’ but now it is here. That seems to be a consistent thing. We are always just a little late.

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