Go to the Church Basement Road Show

Calamity has fallen upon me.  For quite some time now, I’ve been living in disappointment.  Though this arguably the best days of my life (having adopted Nathan and watching my wife enjoy motherhood while I notify her when the baby is crying.  Like many dads, I’m pretty useless).  Obviously these and many more things give me joy.

But unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the Church Basement Road Show since our Sr. high youth and I will be in New Orleans.  (Yes, I checked to see if we would be in New Orleans at the same time but to no avail.I knew since they announced it but was hoping there would be some kind of delay or their RV would break down and would they would reschedule in the fall.  Who knows maybe one of them will pull a Jessica or Ashlee Simpson and get mono or pregnant or something and then they’ll reschedule.  

Anyway, you should check it out.  Here’s the gist:
Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones and Mark Scadrette are great friends and all released books this year.  And they are friends who have ideas and actually have the uhh, umm, courage (we’ll keep this pg-rated) to implement them.  And so, they are disguising themselves as 1908 revivial evangelists and hitting the road in an RV.  It’s only $10 but if you love Jesus you’ll give $20, you should buy all their books and support the good cause.  And don’t you dare buy Coldplay tickets and not go to this.  God is watching (and I’m trying to as well.)

Look for Thomas from Everyday Liturgy to blog about it.  He’s so friggin lucky.  If you are in the North Jersey, NY York, Philly, here’s the day that will probably change your life August, 1st (Friday) at  Marble Collegiate Church 1 W 29th St., New YorkNY 10001 (212) 686-2770  marblechurch.org. 

Click here for the other dates

For more info here’s the link Church Basement Roadshow.  

If you have a sense of humor and tend to get things that intelligent and funny people say and do, you will enjoy this. 


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