Missional in Suburbia Seminar with Al Hsu at The Well

Our young adult group read Al Hsu’s Suburban Christian earlier this year.  Though some of it was a little technical, most of us appreciated it and needed it.  (If you are don’t want something technical but want to begin this conversation, consider reading Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution.  If you’ve already IR, then consider Suburban Christian).

I appreciated the intro and he states up front that basically this is not an “anti-suburban” seminar.  So, If  you live in the suburbs that’s ok. You’re not selling out, Christians need to be everywhere.  Shortly after, Hsu moves into his thesis of redeeming the suburbs.

Hsu argues that living in the suburbs is very needed in fact.

      1. Sheer numbers – twice as many people living in the suburbs then city and country combined.

            Suburbia is actually bigger than Russia.

      2.  Given this, people in suburbia are increasing their influence on the shaping of society

One of the problems is that many live in the suburbs uncritically.

There are several comments that may give you pause such as the fair accusation that some suburban parents idolize their children.  Do suburban parents idolize their children more than city or rural parents or is this type of thought only an extension of the SUV soccer mom stereotype?  

Al asks questions and allows time for discussion between the audience and with him.  Driving is another interesting discussion.   

I recommend that you listen to the podcasts (appreciate the Well putting them up).  Available here.

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