Reflecting on the Suburban Christian Seminar – Post 2

One of my regrets that I hope to remedy one day is that I wished we had lived in the city.  City living is tough since it’s pretty expensive, less space, more potential of crime, pollution and other variables. 


However, I’ve always liked the idea of living in a city, walking, taking subways, etc.  Living relatively close to NYC allows me to enjoy parts of this from time to time, but there are many times that I wished that I could wake up to the grandeur of the city.


But I live in the ‘burbs, in a fantastic parsonage that our church has provided us.  I’ve been thinking about one of things that Su said in his seminar at The Well.  The ‘burbs needs people.  Had I not gone to the diner this morning, I would have spent the entire day with people I know.  In fact, people I know quite well.  That’s life in the suburbs.  This is partially why I enjoy doing work at Starbucks.  In fact, at Revelation Generation, a guy recognized me from Starbucks.  We had one of those, “How do we know each other moments?”  Fortunately I live in the suburbs and I only go to a few places – lol.   This part of my life needs to be improved.  


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