Reflecting on EDC – The Sonlife Training – Post 2

As a youth pastor who loves his calling on most days, I was so pleased that our District had Sonlife Training for us.  I know it was a little inconvenient to other pastors who had to arrive earlier then the official part of the conference but I appreciated it.  Consider it a trade-off for all the business meetings you have made us sit through ;-)


It was so good to see Pastor Mike Harder from Branchcreek Church in Montgomery County PA lead us in the training.   Chris Folmsbe, New Kind of Youth Ministry rewrote the curriculum for Sonlife.  I liked Folsmbe, inevitably I would like the training.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain Sonlife.  It’s like student ministry but for Christians.  Let me say it like this.  You know how some student ministries don’t know what they’re doing … like at all.  Especially for those that are not professionally led or for new youth pastors.  They would gain tremendously from a day like this.  Some of it is obvious, but even if you have been in ministry for years, you can be reminded of some aspects that you may be neglecting.  At least that’s how I felt.


You can bring a Sonlife Training Day to your church and invite your youth workers and invite those from other churches.  (I would like to do that one day). 


  1. I couldn’t agree more about the Sonlife Training. It was an all day affair that had very practical things to use within our youth ministry’s. The Metanarrative is something that was new to me and I really like the ideas the Mark offered up to walk through the Bible. Our theme for this year is Transformed and the whole day was given to Transformational youth ministry practices. I am looking at possibly bringing in something else by Sonlife called Shaping a Missional Community. Its a 2-3 day seminar. By the way, Tim, you may have learned more if you weren’t checking your Fantasy football team, LOL

  2. Eric, my friend, so good to see you on here.
    I like your theme this year. We are using “Renaissance”. We are in need of a “new beginning” or a “rebirth”.

    Perhaps I could have learned more but my fantasy team is an important part of my meta-narrative. Besides, depending on what happens on the Monday Night Game, I’ll have won in both leagues.

  3. Nice,
    I blew out my opponent already. Even without the points i get tonight from the Denver game.

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