New Blog Design – Thanks Todd!

It is customary to announce your blog redesign with great pride and ask if people like it.  This is because the designer and the blogger are usually one in the same.  This is not the case here.  So, if you don’t like the redesign, keep it to yourself or start blogging (I find that most criticism comes from those who either don’t blog or hardly blog.)  Seriously, thank Todd if you like the design.  Or if you really like me, don’t thank Todd, thank me for knowing Todd and letting him do this (I’m a nice guy, what can I say?)

But if I may say,  I like it.  I feel like I got a new … I don’t know  … failing to come up with an appropriate metaphor.  I like that’s it’s black, for one. I like the black background with the white tablet, adds dimension. I like my twitter bar up top, my flickr plug-in, and a couple other sidebar things.  Now I need to edit/add my blog roll, insert my books, add more to flickr, maybe eve blog more then once a week -lol.

On a serious note, to those of you who have access to church budgets, I’d like to recommend you hiring Todd to redesign your church’s website.  (It’s something I’m working on but the last thing anyone dealing with church finances wants to hear is, “We need money for …”).  So maybe October 2008 isn’t the best time but I would encourage to keep Todd in mind.


  1. I like it more than I like you, but that’s not saying much. Just kidding.

  2. Love. It.

    Nice and clean with no distractions. I’m coveting the flickr and twitter code. Great implementation of both.

    I’m also about to overhaul my site, including a new name, which means I’ll have to email all 5 blogs out there that link to me and ask them to stop their lives and change the link. Ugh.

    And by the way, I noticed today that I didn’t have you linked on my site for some reason. I have remedied that, so you should notice a SIGNIFICANT bump in your hit count. ;)

  3. Todd did a great job on the site. Especially with the header. It’s so much better than the last one!

  4. @ Jason B – hey my friend, thanks for kind words (for Todd) and adding me to your blogroll. Will look forward to the changes you make on the site.

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