Reclaiming Paul Conference – Post 1

 For my friends who were interested in the Reclaiming Paul  Conference here at Jacob’s Well, in Kansas City.  Very  interesting stuff. It’s impossible for me to live blog this but I  have something even better for you.  

 Follow Daniel Kirk on his twitter for the play by play. I’m not  kidding, it’s play by play.  Homeboy is a freak. 

 Also, Jake Bouma has some kind of audio streaming going  here.  he  also has a post that lists who’s  blogging/twittering.  He  said  he’s not sure about the  quality but I’d give it a go.  He’s sitting pretty close and the  room is amplified well.  Also, check out my new friend, Erik  Ullestad’s blog “godisnowhere”.

Photo is of Mike Gorman, first plenary speaker and he entiled it, “Reclaiming Paul – An Invitation”.  Will try to post my notes soon.

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