Brief Monday Morning Brief

I’ll update this later but I hate giving the monday brief on tuesday.  

Highlight of the week:  Nathan turned six months old yesterday.  He threw up on me as a symbolic act of thanking me from the depths of his soul.  “Here, this nutrition that my tiny body desperately needs, I give to you as homage”.  Also, the Emergent Reclaiming Paul Conference.  Met some great people, pondered some worthy things, and inspired to change and apply some things.  

Namedrop of the week:  Sitting next to my new friend Doug Pagitt (and Don Heatley) trading notes on how we prepare our sermons.  I think I really helped them out.

Embarrassment of the week:  Did anyone know the Pagitt wrote some books???  (I’m not the only one, I think one of his friends forgot the the title at the RC Conf.).  Just kidding, of course, I knew, I own them all! They’re sitting right next to the 300 other books I haven’t read like Imaginative Leadership, Great Emergence, Finding Our Way, Culture Making

Looking forward to: Seeing Coldplay tonight with my wife!  Appreciate our friends who are babysitting for us. We think they are doing us a favor, they think we are doing them a favor by letting them.  Boy are they in for a surprise.

Disappointment of the week:  When I thought I checked in my textbook with my suitcase on my return flight to Philly.  But then they lost my luggage. But then I got it but the book wasn’t there.  Could the luggage handlers have stolen it?  Then I realized I forgot my textbook at the hotel in Kansas City.  So I called and asked and she remembered because I gave a generous tip.  (Imagine if I didn’t, it would be on ebay).  So I gave them my fedex number and thought the problem was solved.  But then they said they can’t send it for a few days – what???   Truth be told, if this is the worst thing that happened to me to this week, things are pretty good.

The real disappointment of the week – I’ll put up links later but James Dobson letter that Thomas pointed out is ridiculous.  Evan blogged about it too.  If I have to spend eternity with Dobson then I hope he has to stand on the other side of the galactic heavenly choir loft … on his head.  (And I hope Obama is standing next to him and McCain is singing off-key from behind.  We talk about our Platonic views of heaven, this one reminds of a Frank & Ernest comic.

Just realized:  The Phillies are in the World Series.  Hockey Started.


  1. I think I have that Dobson letter right next to me. My mom said it was interesting, but as of yet I have just skimmed it. From what I can tell from skimming, I definitely agree with you. One more week of all of this?

  2. In case you haven’t heard, Chase Utley said it best, “World [freakin’] Champions!”

    Elle turned 6 months, too.

    I like Coldplay, but I was too busy watching the World Series 6/9 of a game to care all that much.

    I wish I was rich enough to go to Kansas City. At this point, things like that would be difficult.

    Dobson – weird.

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