Monday Morning Brief on Tuesday Night (YS and Election Day Edition) #nywc

Pardon the delay but I hope to compensate by making it a … DOUBLE FEATURE!


Highlight of the Week not related to YS:  Happy for my Philly friends like Evan who now know how good it feels for your team to win the World Series.  Though tired of election hype, glad I have the privilege of voting.

Other Highlights Include:  I am not always a fan of the General Sessions at YS for several reasons.  Among them is because I usually don’t like the popular and for me, I’ve gained much from the lowly seminar speaker.  However, this year General Sessions in Pittsburgh were fantastic.  No joke.  Phyllis Tickle at General Session was a brilliant experience and thought Tony Jones did a great job talking about many things.  Among which was his journey and the nature of truth.  Also appreciated the Trucker Frank clip.  What’s the Church to do with souls like him?

Namedrop of the Week:  Hanging out with Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt.  It was awesome, I got on both their nerves with all my questions.  Truth be told, even after traveling from early in the morning, to speaking all day, these guys are always willing to converse.  You may not like their theology (if you’re lame and narrow-minded – kidding, kidding) but they are good people and I wish that was more appreciated. 

Tried to compliment Phyllis Tickle after she spoke but YS Secret Service agent Tony Myles tackled me.  (Kidding.  She may be older, but she left pretty quickly.)

Laughed at:  Listening to Demetri Martin on the way to Pittsburgh.  Always appreciate the Skit Guys (or the funny skit guy) and died laughing at Mark Yaconelli going disco crazy at the end of his general session.   Church Basement Road Show was funny too.  Can’t believe Pagitt plays the trombone so well – he’s so talented.  The new Ben Folds cd is hilarious.

Listening to:  The new Ben Folds album, Way To Normal.  Not for the easily offended (also has parental explicit warning.  I’m a dad now so it’s ok). 

Discouragements of the week:  1.  Both fantasy football teams lost.  One was a heartbreaker.  2.  Had a meeting that I didn’t work out the way I wanted it to.  Though I believe that good will result, I didn’t like the meeting. 

Something That Broke My Heart:  When Evan told us he lost was let go from his job due to budget cuts. Supposedly it was a Presbyterian Church but as I mentioned in an email to him that I didn’t think they were exhibited that infamous “Perseverance of the Saints” thing.

Youth Ministry Update:  Doing Ecclesiastes in Sunday School.  Starting new series tomorrow called “The Letdown – Dealing with Disappointment”.  Trying to make final decision on mission trip this summer.


I think I like but I’m not sure if I am supposed to:  Gas being cheap(er).  Wheels falling off the economy or those prayers at the gas pump are working?


Really Didn’t Like:  The way some of my Christian brothers and sisters spoke about the election, the candidates they preferred and didn’t prefer.   I got tired of hearing how awful McCain was.  I was angered at the comment that Obama was evil and was the antichrist.  (No joke – heard this from people I respect).  Got tired of hearing how amazing Obama is.  He’s just a man and this should remind us of how many felt during the beginning of W’s first term.  Things change. 


Still Really, Really Loathing:  Dobson’s letter from 2012.  If Luther’s 95 Theses was one of the greatest moments of Protestantism, then Dobson’s letter was the lowest and meanest kick to the crotch.  Going to my church library and burning all the copies of Life on the Edge.


Proud Moments in my Consumerism: When I received my friends’ books:  Brian Chidester’s Pop Surf Culture and Derek Cooper’s So You’re Thinking About Going to Seminary: An Insider’s Guide.

Looking Forward To:  Emergent MidAtlantic Conference with Peter Rollins, John Franke and my friends.   


  1. i agree 100% with the really not liking how our Christian brothers and sisters have spoken about the candidates. it’s really a shame.

  2. Sorry for the tackle. The good news is that you have a whole year to learn some new evasive moves, bro.

  3. Wow, I completely forget that you took your coffee black. Great site, Tim! How come I had to find out about it by typing your name into Google?

    Thanks for buying my book, but I could have got you one at half price. Or, since you are now a blogging member of the international media… I could have gotten you a comp copy. Oh well. That doesn’t diminish my heartfelt thanks.

    Your Pal,

  4. Oh I know you would have hooked me up but I wanted to increase sales so you could become rich and support my church plant in 10 years. See the strings?
    Hey, I’ve flipped through it and it looks great. I wished I grew up in knew how to surf, and grew up in California, in the Sixties – lol.

    See you soon my friend.

  5. Thanks for the help, brother-man. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Of course, as you know, there is a deeper credence than simply the fun. I was looking for my faqther, my country and my identity, and this was sort of a look back at the era. The fun was what made it so emblematic of the Kennedy era. But the wandering spirit… the rebel set of chapters 5 and 6 really define what that whole movement meant, culturally.

    I think the next book is going to be a million times better, though.

    Need to talk with you about Jars of Clay sometime soon. Call when you aren’t busy with daddy business.

    Your Pal,


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