You Saw It Here … Second Last

Some blogs call it the weekly round-up but so far the above is my title. 

I know the virtues of blogging is posting things instantly.  Well apparently, I’m not one of those blogs.  But I do have a decent job bookmarking and placing things in “To Read Later” folders.

About a week or so ago, Thom Turner tweeted that he had liked this post.  I did too.  It’s from NPR writer Rod Dreher who wrote an open letter to Obama.  It’s called, Guess Whose Coming to Dinner.

Earlier this week on the EV Weblog was this gem. Pastor Abandons His Church. It’s an interview with a mega-church pastor who, alongside with his leadership, decided to sell the church facility and restructure pretty much everything.   You need to read to the end to really appreciate it and the comments are great.   

And of course, the Hitler-Emergent Video.  Like everyone has been saying – it is hilarious.  And I like that it pokes fun of emergents (whom I identify with).  I need to find the background story to it or the “Behind the Making of an Emergent You Tube Phenomena” (if this blog was VH1).  Some aren’t sure if it was a bit too far to use Hitler and again, though it’s hilarious and i’d like to continue thinking it was meant as a joke, I’d like to be sensitive too. Check out Evan’s post for some of his initial thoughts.  


  1. Love the title.

    Love that I made it on the great Tim Ghali’s blog.

  2. > I need to find the background story

    Pretty simple. I saw the Hitler mortgage crisis video on YouTube and thought it would be fun to do my own. Then I saw that several emergent guys were putting up videos about being the new national coordinator. I put one plus one together and came up with what you saw.

    Feel free to ask any more questions about the video, my views, etc. Of course, reading a couple of my book reviews would make my perspective clear.

  3. Randy, thanks for stopping by.
    As often as I am on youtube (I’m a youth pastor, you tube is part of my job description), I hadn’t seen the Hitler mortgage (or other) videos.
    As you probably saw over on Evan’s blog, I never really made a correlation between nazi’s and emergents, my reaction was only about the Hitler figure himself. But the mortgage video thing is most helpful. Hmm, the power of context.
    I do plan on checking out your book reviews and see some of your posts on your site. Thanks for the laugh – consider me a friend.

  4. Tim, you are certainly right that context is vital. The target audience was small, to say the least, so the number of views has been surprising. Feel free to disagree with anything I write on my site when you stop by–friends are much more interesting when there are issues to discuss, and I find I learn and grow more when I have to consider another perspective. Have a great week!

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