Monday Morning Brief – 12.8.08

Highlight of the Week:  Enjoying taking Susan out for birthday dinner.  Our Christmas cantata was beautiful. 

Drama of the Week: Our church installed a new fire alarm system earlier this year and it has these lasersensors to detect rising smoke high in the sanctuary.  Unfortunately on the balcony side, near the sensor is where we have one of our lighting control panels that are utilized more during the holidays.  This being our first holiday event, we tripped them twice in one week.  More to it than that, like when I silenced the alarm (after knowing there was no chance of danger) and allowed everyone back inside.  It’s not policy but Icannot figure out why these laser sensors have thesame protocol as an actual smoke or monoxide detector. Anyway, while some thanked me from getting them out of the cold, others were not as happy with me. There was no fire, the alarm was piercing loud, it was 30 degrees outside, children, older people, were freezing and no offense but it was taking a real long time for the fire trucks to show (God bless them, I appreciate immensly what they do), at some point human leadership needs to discern and intervene, otherwise, you are living in the Matrix.  So maybe next week I’ll be competing with Evan and jump hunting or our families will be sitting next to each other at The Well on Sunday mornings and at Thomas’ The Plant on Sunday evenings.  

For Advent I’m:  pretty much only doing Advent Scriptures/prayers and poems like Thomas’ on Everyday Liturgy.  We haven’t started decorating or candle-lighting or anything so my plans were pretty much thrown out the window.  Looks like I actually am a good evangelical ;-)

Listening to:  Sufajan’s Christmas albums, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals’ “Cardinology”, more Jenny Lewis’ Acid Tongue, and tried Brandon Heath (sorta like Mat Kearney.  It was alright)

Reading:  schoolbooks and everything Ecclesiastes.  When I grow up, I want to be  “Qohelet”  (but less jaded).  

Saw:  4 Christmases with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.  Funny and cute.  We hadn’t been to the movies for a while but it was alright.  I did like the church scene though.  Not as great as the Little Baby Jesus prayer in Talladega but pretty good.

Looking Forward: to the end of this semester.  I’m enjoying working on this Ecclesiastes paper but will be glad when it’s over too.  Getting more into the Christmas/Advent season.

Procrastinating on: Everything.


  1. it’s Advent! Not Lent! sheesh.

  2. Lent? That’s like mixing up the Mets with the Yankees. Or the Giants with the Dodgers.

  3. The emperor is not really a Christian. Whoops. That explains why my Lenten devotional are geared towards Easter.
    I’m going to fix that … now… than ask God for forgiveness.

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