You Saw It Here … Second Last

Shane Claiborne posted on Sojourners about consumerism, Black Friday and the season of Advent.

Saw this cool site called I Am a Second from Adam McClane’s blog.

The Everyday Liturgy Quarterly – Eucharist Edition. Not just because I have an article in it but because my evangelical friends do not read or dialogue enough about the eucharist.  Especially appreciated Scott’s post entitled, “Does Communion Promote Community Among Christians?

Thomas tweeted this.


  1. Dude, I love the title to these. Keep it coming. I was actually laughing about it in Rite Aid yesterday, wishing I had thought of that.

    Also, I read your article in The EL Quarterly. Good stuff. I wish I had an article in it. I cried when it came out because Thomas didn’t pick me (it’s middle school all over again).

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