Monday Morning Brief

Highlight of the Week:  Christmas tree shopping with the family.  Finishing this semester of school.  CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett starting with a healthy Wang, healthy Hughes, Joba, Rivera and without Scott Brochius, Yankee pitching is going to look alright.

Disappointment of the Week:  This picture.  If I had more time, I’d write a letter of complaint.  The Jonas Brothers should never be that close to Bob Dylan. If this was display done by a blind man or a poorly programmed droid then I would understand.  But this looks to be the work of someone who really does not know music. This is a serious argument to only buy music online (not to mention the high prices at this particular retailer) or at an independent music store. May our eyes be spared from a time of seeing such an atrocity ever again. 

Looking Forward to: tomorrow night’s Templeton Foundation’s Book Forum Beyond Revenge.

ReadingMetavista:  Bible, Church and Mission in an Age of Imagination

Listening to: Podcasts and Sufjan Christmas.

Need to:  Figure out mission trip stuff, winter retreat stuff, some Christmas shopping, … 

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