You Saw It Here … Second Last

Since it’s such great reading, only two posts.

From Brian McLaren’s blog:

Dr. David Gushee gets it right …

David Gushee is distinguished university professor of Christian ethics at Mercer University. I originally met him through Evangelical Environmental Network, and his anti-torture work, and ever since I always pay attention to what he writes. Here’s his recent editorial from the Associated Baptist Press (another great newsletter to subscribe to … here.)

Opinion: A doomed, reactionary church? By David Gushee

(ABP) — The act of reflecting this week, in class, on the development of Catholic social ethics resonated in an unexpected way with the situation facing Christians today. It became clearer than ever to me that when Christians become cultural reactionaries, they doom the church to irrelevance.

The Catholic story went like this: After the Reformation, for centuries the Catholic Church postured itself in a defensive crouch. It missed the opportunity to respond to the challenge posed by the Reformation. It resisted creative engagement with modern science [more …]

If you read it, I hope you finish. The last paragraph is excellent.

Also for the open-minded, check out the discussion on Adam Cleveland’s blog pomomusings entitled  “The Bible and Homosexuality:  Enough with the Bible Already”

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