Monday Morning Brief – 12.22.08 – the second last one ever … in 2008.

Highlights of the Week:  Finishing school felt pretty good. Got an A-.  Our Sr. High night to find the meaning of Christmas was a great night.  Still hearing a lot of good things from that night.  Enjoyed our time at our young adult Christmas party. Templeton Foundation night was cool, feel free to join us if you’re ever free.  It was special for Susan and I to do some Christmas shopping for our child, Nathan, we’ve only ever bought for others so this was fun.

Disappointment of the Week:  … I’ve been thinking, and so far nothing comes to mind … and I am a miserable person so this should come easy.  So far all I got is that we missed the Charlie Brown Christmas Special (which I believe I have on DVD – problem solved). 

Listening to: all things Christmas – Harry Connick Jr.’s new one, received Sixpence’s Christmas as a gift, Sufjan still, since it’s 5 albums, and one that I recommend to you that you can grab for free from Noisetrade, “Sojourn – Advent Songs”. 

Reading:  Just started Metavista: Bible, Church and Mission in an Age of Imagination (Faith in an Emerging Culture Series) by Colin Greene and Martin Robinson. Looking forward to blogging about it soon.

Moment of Advent:  I’ve been pretty faithful with my devotions and am still processing last week’s sermon from my sr. pastor on the joy of Christmas.  I wrote on Todd’s post that some of us get more excited and more emotional for the 4th of July than we do for Christmas.  The message of Christmas is joy to the world!  I’ll stop there but …

Looking Forward to:  I was asked to preach the meditation at our 10PM Christmas Eve service.   No place I’d rather be on my birthday and hope to bring some of these Advent thoughts to some kind of conclusion that night.  May the Lord give me the words and bless those who listen and those who don’t.


  1. FYI – It’s 12-22-08 today, not the 29th.

  2. thanks, getting ahead of myself. don’t know what was wrong with me.

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