Monday Morning Brief 2.23.09 (on this fine Tuesday)

I know it’s Tuesday, but it still has the spirit of a leftover Monday.

Highlights of the week –  All is well, I suppose.  The family is healthy and happy, Wed. night youth group went well, Lost was great, learning a lot in the Pete Enns class (I really do love my seminary).  I even enjoyed the Academy Awards this year.  Good call giving it to Heath (I was one of the 30 million people to call that).  I’m thankful things are ok.

Disappointed by 1. still stupid Aroid.  I knew when he started talking about his cousin and getting the substances from the Dominican that this would not be good.  Did you not listen to Andy Pettite?  Come clean, be done with it. 2. The Office reruns.  Are the writers on strike again?  Because even the new ones aren’t that great.  By chance, are these the same writers who were on Heroes last season?

Reading: Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament by Christopher Wright.  Like Evan said on his post, it’s pretty good.  I may blog about it but I always say that and never do.  There’s a bunch of books, magazines, and blogs that I have either a bookmark in or a link for.  

Listening to: the new U2 cd No Line on the Horizon.  March 3 cannot come soon enough.  You can listen to it on myspace.  It’s one of the few reasons to go on that site. So far one of my favorite lines is: 

“Can stand up for hope, faith, love

But while I’m getting over certainty

Stop helping God across the road like a little old lady” in “Stand up Comedy”.  That Bono!

Also listening to Homebrewed Christianity podcast with Walter Bruggeman from back in October.  Oh, and the new Paul Coleman cd is growing on me.  The first track “If I was Jesus” is pretty good.

Laughed a lot About:  1. I was sitting at Border’s doing some work and a dad was helping his son with his homework.  The son was a little frustrated and said, “Dad I can’t read too good.”  I thought to myself, “Of all the days to leave my business cards of Derrick Zoolander’s School For Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Do Other Stuff Good Too”.  I’m an idiot for forgetting them.  I forgot my 4 Spiritual Laws tracts too so I hope they don’t say, “What must we do to be saved?” .  Oh wait, I have those Testamints.  I hope we’re lucky enough to get the Romans Road out of them.

2.  Jaquin Phoenix on the Letterman show. Is it in act?  He’s a good actor but just because Mickey Rourke recovered from drugs and oblivion doesn’t mean he may recover from looking like a weirdo.



  1. umm ok, dude is wasted on the Letterman show. what a dork!

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