Monday Morning Brief – Wednesday Style -6/17/09

What I Enjoyed This Week –On Monday, Susan, Nathan & I went to the doctor’s office and found out that we are having a boy!  (We sort of knew from a previous sonogram but they told us that technically, it was sill too early to tell). Picking out names as shifted to family priority number one.  Susan is consulting baby books and friends while I am seeking corporate sponsorship for naming rights.  So in exchange for a full tuition to his school of choice, we will name him, “Wachovia Boy” or “City Child” or “TD Bankman”.  Nathan’s position is calling him “Ball”.  I didn’t want to be discouraging so I gently told him we would consider it but I don’t want anyone to tease our new baby about his name.

What I Though of the NBA Finals – I liked seeing Kobe and the Lakers win.  Yeah, I know it’s not cool to like Kobe but whatever, he’s the best player in the NBA. I like LeBron too but it’s just too much hype for an incredible athlete that hasn’t been in the league long enough to be proclaimed “The Savior of the NBA”. Glad that he was the MVP, glad that he has all these endorsements (except for that terrible commercial with him and Kobe as muppets), but we are ruining him by propping him so high up. Again, Kobe on the other hand is the best player in the league despite the fact that so many people can’t stand him. Certainly his adulterous affair was wrong but I think that we as Christians and as a society hold people’s mistakes and faults against them their entire lives.  His wife forgave him but we can’t?  Anyway regarding the finals, I knew Kobe could win again and I’m glad he did without Shaq.  Next year, I want to see if a team like the Jazz or the Hornets can do better and would love to see if Kobe and LeBron (and Shaq?) can square off against each other.

What I thought of the Stanley Cup Finals – Yeah, I hear the Penguins and Red Wings will be playing against each other –  when will that come on?   Kidding, kidding.  It feels like the Playoffs and the Finals are the only games that make it to television.  Excellent, excellent Stanley Cup Finals, didn’t watch all of it but happy for the Penguin fans.

What I am Listening to – It’s been all about Radiohead and catching up on a few podcasts like Relevant and Home-brewed Christianity and I re-listened to a NT Wright recording from Christian Audio.

What I am reading – Karl Barth Church Dogmatics 1/1 for our independent study with John Franke.

Student Ministry Update – It all wraps up tonight with a weather permitting outdoor concert with indie artist Andy Zipf.

Seminary Update – Final project and final exam is due next Tuesday.  I have a lot of work to do for that class and I really want to spend quality time reading Barth before our class next week but it looks like the completion of our second year is within sight.

Feeling – like I am running behind on some non-essential matter like blogging, reading particular posts and reading books that I’ve been wanting to read, etc.   Aside from that, things are going alright.


  1. Kobe’s wife forgave him but I recall there being a piece offering involved (a multi carat ring if my memory serves). I too would be happy to forgive Kobe but I am curious as to where my “please forgive me gift” is. :)

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