Monday Morning Brief – 8/10/09

What I Enjoyed this Week – 1. The Yankees sweeping the Red Sox!  It was nice to see that but you can’t count those blood thirsty Bostonians out.  They’re like the monster in a horror movie, just when you think it’s dead, it gets up for one last kill.  Hopefully the victim will be Detroit or Anaheim.   2. Got out of jury duty.  I showed up, read some Barth, blogged a little then I shouted, “THE EMERGENT APOCALYPSE IS COMING!!! TURN AWAY FROM YOUR FUNDAMENTALISM AND GET AN IPHONE SO YOU CAN FOLLOW OUR TWEETS!  Turns out, they had enough people to serve for that case so I got to go home.  3. Some of my seminary cohort friends are blogging.  Check out Joe-Love Livingston’s Defenstrates (to throw out of a window) and El Presdident Jay Dusold – Time to Plant.  I hope they last longer than KJ and Jeremy.  I guess they can’t all turn out consistent and interesting like Evan Curry. 4. I enjoyed attending Jeff’s 40th Surprise Party.  Though he still acts like he’s 30 (and that’s not all complimentary, brother ;-), he’s my fantasy baseball consultant, my environmentalist mentor (we call it creation care in my world), and a great friend who always has a good story to tell.

What I’m Reading – FInally finished Enough by Will Samson (I started this book in Aruba, then I lost it, found it, read some more on our mission trip, then I lost it and for whatever reason, it keeps getting misplaced.  Can’t find it or any of the other books I’ve been recently reading like Rob Bell’s Drops Like Stars. It leaves me to conclude that it’s some kind of Neo-Calvinist poltergeist).  Also reading Samir Selmanovic’s   new book It’s Really All About God.  Half way through and I am in love with it.  It’s not what I thought it would be, it’s very moving.

What I Thought Was the Most Interesting Article I’ve Read Recently – “Congenital Human Baculum Deficiency”. You may be able to figure out a little of what it’s talking about from the title but I’m not kidding, it’s extremely interesting.  That spare rib of Adam and the creation of Eve, hmm, maybe “rib” isn’t the right word there.  Thanks Dan Kirk (author of UnLocking Romans and the funniest guy in any room. Admittedly, I usually see him in academic settings as opposed to a room full of Seth Rogans but still …).  Dr. Kirk, please fix your blog so people like me can click and read your brilliant posts and see how unintelligent we are ;-)

What I’m Listening to – Wilco, Wilco, Wilco.  and the same podcasts as usual, Homebrewed Christianity, Relevant, Mars Hill.

What I’m Spending my Money on Next – a subscription to Generate Magazine.  Paritally because the pile of magazines I am suppose to read isn’t actually high enough.  But I’ll move Generate to the top.

Student Ministry Update – 1. We had well attended and a very fun Swim N’ Study this past week.  2. I am in planning mode and looking to some things this fall.

Other Church Ministry Stuff – 1. We are in conversation about adding a Saturday Night Service.  It would be more of an alternative more youthful expression to our Sunday Blended Service.  2. Also working on an adult mission trip to New Orleans.  Our Sr. Pastor and our elders have been very supportive of these ideas so we’ll see what happens.

What I am Looking Forward To –1. Catching a few baseball games before the school year starts. 2. NFL!!! 3. Going to a wedding this  weekend.  It’s going to be pretty laid back, children are very welcome and it’s going to be on the beach which is absolutely fantastic.   I do not know the bride very well and I can’t say I’m extremely close with the groom but indeed we have become friends these past few years and we are so happy for them.  It’s a second wedding for both and people like to assume what that means. It’s absolutely amazing – they’re both wonderful people with incredible stories of how they got to this Saturday.  It seems to me that God has heard their prayers.


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