Monday Morning Brief – on Tues. Jan. 19, 2010, (this blog takes off for MLK day and most Mondays ;-)

What I’ve Been Enjoying Lately –
1. Family stuff like Nathan learning new words and phrases and Dylan-watching. Saturday, our 3 month old almost turned all the way over. He got stuck on his right arm and could not complete the exercise but was able to return to his original position. I was walking him through it, “Buddy, you need to tuck that arm in and commit to the roll! Push off with your hips! Use your legs if you have to.” but he would just stare at me. I can’t wait til you learn words pal, I can really help you out.
2. Enjoyed seeing Doug Pagitt with my friend Jesse. Was also great seeing the one and only Don Heatley and meeting his wife Pam finally. Will post on Doug’s seminar-message thing at some point.
3. Enjoyed spending MLK with some of our students today. Our intention was to attend the MLK parade in Manhattan but we were at the right place on the right day, but apparently our time was off (The website said 1pm). Ended up walking all over Manhattan before the start time of Invictus. We all liked it and it was good spending time together.

What I’ve Been Watching
1. Just watched Lions for Lambs. A lot of good dialogue in there, a lot of heart, a lot of conviction. I think it needed a different type of conclusion. I know the intention was to leave you hanging and “think about what you just heard and saw” but I felt it was a bit flat. The acting was fantastic, especially since it had a great script. It was a good statement movie.
2. Just started watching 24. I am pretty sure I can watch in once a month and still know exactly what’s going on. I was joking with some fiends earlier that I want to see 4 things this season: Jack to recharge his cell phone, eat something, walk out of the bathroom and wink at the camera, and be wrong once. But I do love that Jack Bauer.

What I’ve Been Reading –
Some excellent books for school – Selling Out the Church by Phillip Kenneson & James Street & Divided By Faith – Michael Emerson and Christian Smith
I’ve been flipping through the Younger Evangelicals by Robert Webber
Some of my good friends are blogging again – check out Evan Curry’s My Names are Promise and Peace and Daniel Kirk’s blog, Storied Theology, Daniel Kirk is the professor/author of Unlocking Romans.

What I’m Listening to –
Aside from the Paste Samplers, Swell Season not much new stuff. When I get into my car, the click wheel automatically goes to Dylan, Death Cab or David Crowder. Susan played Over the Rhine the other day so I listened to the Ohio double album on Saturday’s drive to school. A few podcasts, like Relevant and Homebrewed. But lately, I’ve been in the car and not listening to any music.

What’s Going on in Our Student Ministry –
Well a lot but namely, we are gearing up for our winter retreat next month. As previously mentioned we are watching the offensive documentary (more like a mockyoumentary) Religulous by Bill Maher. There’s a good bit that I agree with but I wouldn’t call that Christianity. Anyway, I’m praying and preparing that our discussions will help
our students with their own doubts, the skepticism from those outside our faith, and the confusion that often surrounds it all.

What’s Next –
Second Mile service this Saturday – we are taking a retrospective look at the Lost Decade and as a community hoping to look ahead at the next 10. What does this look like as individuals as a Christian community, as those pursuing the Kingdom of God?
Have received a lot of positive feedback about the blog since linking it to Facebook. That’s been encouraging. Also have really appreciated recent comments – thanks for taking the time. Will be making some posts that may not be relevant to a broader audience but I’m hoping they’ll still be helpful/insightful for some.


  1. Ryan Fitz says:

    I really enjoyed Lions for Lambs. I watched it on a long flight to Tokyo, and thought it summed up very well how I feel about war and the processes that lead up to it.

    As for 24, not sure if you are aware of this, but Jack smiled for just the third time in the show’s 172 episodes on Sunday, while also notching his 225 and 226 kills.

  2. Glad you liked Lions FOR Lambs (will fix that typo – thanks). Excellent casting in it. Tom Cruise is perfect for that role – perfect.

    That’s funny about Jack – had no idea. I’m going to have to find that website.

    I was hooked on 24 when it first came out, then got bugged about it (the gratuity, the violence, typical television stuff), then stopped taking it too seriously because Jack Bauer is the new Chuck Norris. I also found it to be a recurring theme in conversation – “Did you watch 24?” So aside from the sometimes needed mind-numbing entertainment, it’s provided a lot of conversation fodder – some of it worthwhile.

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