Monday Morning Update – 3.15.10

What’s Been Going On –

– Dylan has been rolling over!
– Already using very bad words, Nathan is living out the pastor’s kids stereotype. He’s having trouble saying “Truck”. What can you do?
– Susan is very concerned (Oh and church nursery workers are meeting with the elders tonight).
– I am a proud parent – come on the kid is talking!
– Fantasy Baseball draft is tonight. It’s a long baseball season, hoping for a good draft.
– Needing to fill out my NCAA bracket to defend my championship performances in my church and seminary. My working theory is that the worse of a Christian you are, the better you do at the Tournament Challenge. I am a little worried because I have some steep competition this year ;-)
– Last week I got to have lunch with a couple youth pastor friends. We’ve been meaning to for a while, it was worthy the work and waiting. Some good people serving around here.

What I’ve Been Watching –
– Lost! I’m right on the border of being impatient & irritated and sheer suspense. Btw, loved this Homebrewed Christianity podcast that was about Lost. Chris Seay, pastor, author, dude just released a book called The Gospel According to Lost. He’s done a couple of these books like one on Tony Soprano and another on the Matrix. He’s also one of the pastors who begain the Advent Conspiracy experiment – good guy, good thinker, good stuff.
– 24. I’m back on it like it’s 2002.
– The Office – the baby episode was the funniest I have seen since, what – 2002?

What I’ve Been Listening to –
Some new music, like Johnny Cash American VI and whatever was in my Paste Sampler. Also, downloaded Broken Bells when it was on sale for a couple bucks on Amazon. It was worth it – I need a few more listens to comment more. Not what I expected in a good way.
Still listening to Jim Belcher’s Deep Church on my way to school. I am enjoying it; I find many points of agreement and a couple points of respected disagreement. Hope to offer a few thoughts in the future.
Always listening to the Relevant podcast.

What I’m Reading is now called “What Books I Should Be Reading More of” –
Beyond Culture – by Edward Hall for a new seminary class on Culture.
Justification – NT Wright
The Gospel According to the Simpsons and Super Heroes and Philosophy for our Second Mile service

Student Ministry Update –
– Sent out letters for our mission trip to New Orleans. The other week I mentioned that some know they are coming and asked they pray about it first. And a long time ago, some decided not to go and I asked that they pray about coming. Either way, I hope it’s after prayer that we decide to join or not join this trip. It always leads to a better trip and a better attitude as a whole in our group.
– Some are also participating in organizing and packing clothes for Haiti and then next month, there is a local clean up day in Montvale.
In Sunday School, we are discussing how the Bible was put together. A little nerdy but it’s interesting. We Christians should know how our holy book was put together.
Wednesdays we are doing a series called the Practical Atheist (Thank you Life Church. Oh that’s right, you told me not to thank you ;-)

Looking Forward to –
– This week’s Second Mile service. The message is entitled, “The Gospel According to Superman, the Simpsons and Starbucks”. Everyone has a “gospel”, how do they contrast to the Christian one? Further, have we as Christians settled for a weak “Gospel” or are we truly living out the Gospel message? We are meeting in the balcony this time and hoping it works better for us as a gathering spot.
– Visiting Susan’ family next month as a family. It will be our first family vacation with the 4 of us. In fact, the last time I flew to FL, we didn’t have any kids.
– the NT Wright Theology Conference at Wheaton next month.


  1. Lucy is also having the same problem with “truck.” I blame it on the pacifier, as it hinders the formation of some of the more difficult consonants. She also shouts “BIG *UCK!” until you acknowledge that yes, there is indeed a big TRuck. In public I try to make sure everybody hears me acknowledge her.

    In other news- looking forward to seeing you all at Jim and Laura’s wedding!

  2. Ha – that’s funny.

    Yeah I think the pacifier is to blame. But that raises the question, I hear that word a lot but I rarely see pacifiers attached to their mouths ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing you guys too.

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