‘Nambodia – Some of the inside jokes …

The inside jokes along the way  These are quotes said by or @ our team member.

Tom – “Hallelujah”

@Tim – “It took two Cambodians to carry your suitcase!”  (I’m sorry, I have like 5 NT Wright books in there.)

@Billy – You Look Wonderful Tonight

Brandon – “I threw my iPhone away for God.”

Jen – “OMG – you’re Chinese and speak good English!”

@Jon – “What is that – the maternity rain poncho?”

@Michael  – “Nice one, Michael.”

Joe – “Trip low”

@Christopher – “”You are still here?”

Denny – “Does anyone have my underwear?”

Wendy – “More Pho soup, please”

Jeremiah – “How much for that watch?”

Miguel – “I am a Moose.”

Janel – “Please pardon my husband.”

@Steve – “Where’s Steve Kriss?”


  1. I feel like I was there. Thanks. I know you did this for me. :)

  2. As usual, I think I like Jon’s comment the best.

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